Squeals of Delight

beautiful everywhere tiny hot

marker on bristol

Kennedy cross stitch


Kennedy cross stitch

August, the Sunday of summer.

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oh and I almost forgot!

  • harry styles
  • everyone on my flight home was wearing spurs gear and miss me jeans and speaking in spanish
  • my best friend is getting married in 2 days
  • my bridesmaid dress arrived and fits perfectly
  • there are cherry pop tarts and angry orchards in my house
  • I’m gonna have a breakfast taco tomorrow morning (heart eyes emoji)
  • my only regrets are not seeing my family and not cleaning with cutie roomie
  • I’m gonna watch an ocean documentary on the big screen now 


  • I finally got off work to go home to Texas
  • it is my first time to be a bridesmaid
  • also it is my best friend
  • I found out suuuuper late that I was going to be able to take off work so Modcloth was out of the bridesmaid dresses and I called them and the original retailer and I had the vendor number and I checked Amazon and eBay and Craigslist in multiple states every day and then I found this girl who owned the dress and I got her email address from her blog and I emailed her in desperation and she emailed me back saying she would love to help me if it’s not too late and she is selling me the dress for cheaper than the original price and she was so sweet and I can’t even believe I found it this is an actual miracle
  • also my coworker has a stomach virus so I have been in charge of everything at work basically meaning I am being a costumer all by myself half the time and now the higher-ups think I am a v hard worker and I am proving to myself that I am v capable and self-motivated and costume design is SO MUCH FUN thank u ISA for giving me the gift of Problem Solving Proficiency thank u graduate profile lol
  • I just love my job so much
  • I love musicals
  • I love men who sing and dance and wear costumes
  • I love how beautiful dresses are
  • I love fashion history
  • midnight move-in is like TOMORROW and I’m so excited to move in with my cutie roommate
  • lil cottage
  • I finally have money to spend on things like furniture and clothes and actual food
  • my church is so wonderful
  • there are these two babies there that I am in love with and I am desperately tryna babysit them
  • South Texas Jazz Quartet
  • heart eyes emoji
  • there is still almost a month left of summer
  • I had the busiest work week of my life but it’s okay because I am being paid overtime and I feel productive and powerful
  • my coworker who is also my professor keeps saying she will tell everyone in the department how great I am
  • which makes me not dread school so much
  • because I also sew all the time now and I am waaaay less intimated by Senior Collections than ever before because guess what
  • I thought I would burn out on sewing this summer but I CAN’T WAIT to make things for myself and for my collection
  • and I can’t wait to see my fashion friends
  • my nose is pierced and it looks so good lemme tell ya
  • I was trying to think of the last time I was this happy
  • there were plenty of happy times this past year
  • but every night my body is exhausted but my heart and mind are wide awake because everything in my life is amazing and beautiful and well-orchestrated so I think I have not been this intensely and consistently happy in…my whole life
  • I love everything

we tryna be neon jungle


haha if I wasn’t so lazy this could look good
wacom bamboo tablet / photoshop


  • my job is so wonderful and even though I work all the time I’m making money and I get to look at all these period costumes and my coworkers are nice and they love show tunes and I get to explore all these new places in Richmond and I get to sleep in like every day and see all these local artists and groups I would never have known about
  • I have a car!!  and I get to drive it through the Fan in the morning and across the James at golden hour and through parks at midnight and Richmond is just so beautiful and I LOVE LIVING HERE
  • my roommate is finally back from home and she’s so cute and we get to move into our new apartment in like 2 weeks and we have a new entertainment center and a couch and we have these wonderful friends who are willing to help us move and wow we are so blessed we’ve inherited so much furniture I can’t wait to get out of this smelly apartment
  • I finally got to join the worship team at my church and I’m finally making friends who aren’t a part of VCU IV which is very nice and it feels
  • SO
  • GOOD
  • to be playing violin with a quartet and to actually be reading music again and it is enhancing my worship experience so much
  • and there are so many amazing and wise and rad adults in my life
  • and Brett Helquist and Mary GrandPre are collaborating on a calendar and Brett Helquist is my favorite illustrator in the whole world and he has influenced me so much and art is so incredible like traditional art is so inspiring and digital art is so impressive and I know so many artists who are so neat and do art in their regular lives like wow that is incredible colors are amazing nature is amazing art is such an amazing gift
  • there are so many beautiful things in the world
  • like illustration
  • and music
  • and superhero movies (srsly I was just thinking they are so beautiful because everyone is so beautiful and courageous and fast thinking and dealing with deep emotional trauma and Marvel is just really excellent at what they do)
  • and there are so many beautiful people I mean can you even believe women like Beyonce and Scarlett Johansson and Helena Bonham Carter even exist
  • the ocean!!  is amazing!!  don’t even get me started on giant squids but then like, WHALES are amazing and sharks are amazing and like THINK ABOUT PREHISTORIC OCEAN CREATURES LIKE THEY ARE SO BIG AND SCARY AND MAGNIFICENT
  • baby bunnies!
  • all babies!!
  • shoulder-to-waist-ratios
  • everyone is like: “I can’t wait for fall, candles, sweaters, pumpkin spice, blah blah blah” but like think about this: NO SCHOOL, also NO HOMEWORK?!!  summer is so nice and you can wear crop tops 4ever
  • I asked God this morning if He could help me be aware of who He is and how much He loves me and all of these things are answers
  • it is a good life